Ed's Blog: Frame by frame

The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio has been used as a powerful composition tool for centuries. It is a design principle based on the ratio of 1 to 1.618. Hailed as 'the perfect number', the Golden Ratio can assist in creating images that have a strong composition, which will attract viewers to your photograph. 



Learn from books

As winter has set in but more so we have a smaller window of day light to get out and shoot our cameras I find myself reading more books relating to photograpy. 


Our local library has many good books on how to photography, books about photographers and books just filled with photos. 


Don't miss out checking on books about painting as the old masters applied many rules of light and shadows and compsistion long before the camera was aound. 


The camera that's always with you

It was my iPhone 4s that brough me back into photography as I found out it is the best camera that is alway in my pocket and available anytime. 


While the release of each new iPhone, the camera only gets better and more capable with each new release. 


From capturing landscape and sunsets to more intimate portraits of life events, birthdays and family gatherings the iPhone (or other mobile phones) is the best camera with you and is in everyone's pocket. 


Add some of the wonderful apps and camera upgrades and now you have some much more options. 


Add on lens and other cool gadgets and devices even add more fun and capable option to the phone in your pocket. 

Winter photography (part two)

As with all items listed in part one, if skiing, snowshoeing or skidoing be extra cautious and don't drink alcohol. 


Use appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) such as helmets when and where required. 


Travel in pairs when possible! 


Winter shooting (part one)

Winter photography can offer great images of the light is right and you nture out into the cold!  


You must be prepared and have planned your travel! 


Things need planning: 


• Fuel up the vehicle 

• Wear appropriate clothing 

• Charge your cell phone 

• Plan your route (tell someone) 

• bring extra batteriee 

• bring road emergency kit  

• bring coffee and a friend too 


Enjoy your winter photography!