Photography is more then a picture view, it is a vision beyond seeing and goes deep into our unconscious minds. A photograph can mean different things to different people. The art of seeing goes passed our normal perception and our life experiences have set us up to experience different feelings and moods from one another even when viewing the same photograph. We all see the simple ordinary things everyday and pass up on the extra in ordinary things, every now and then something special or unexpected can appear in front of us too.  Please come with me on a photographic journey of daily life in Yellowknife and see how the simple things can be extraordinary.  Photography ultimately is a mix of different ingredients to achieve the final image, what to leave in, what to leave out, technical skills and equipment, but most important is being in the right place at the right time and being ready and able to see the picture firstly.

Friends / Heroes / Hunters / In deep water / Iceage / Alone / A grain of sand / Many hands / Cold feet / Keep of the grass

Changing seasons / Primitive instincts / Million dollar smile / Changing perspective / Hiding in the woods / Here kitty kitty

Here comes Santa / Dog gone / Two nights in Yellowknife / Horsing around / Make'n music / Organized chaos

Enchanted forest / Path of life / The big bang / Days end / Snowbird / The simple life / Home away / Big Bank Ad

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